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New Video…and an explanation

March 10, 2008

I got together with my friends Kent and Kevin – who have been helping me with my CD – and we made a music video. Before I give you the link, though, let me offer a little bit of history.

At the end of the video, there is the inscription, “To Lezlie.” Of course, there isn’t a lot of room to expound at the end of a YouTube video, so I’ll do it here.

The “Lezlie” in question is a dear friend of mine. We met – really met, as opposed to just being acquaintances at a renaissance festival – on the set of an independent film we were both cast in. We share a love of music and on the set one day (while we were waiting for the director to get his act together) we brought out our guitars and traded songs. It became an impromptu concert that lasted nearly two hours (we have it on DVD!) . The song on the video, “Jamie Raeburn”, was one of the first songs I played, and is one that I am most proud of.

Last summer, Lezlie moved very far away. She, like so many others, traveled to find her answers, and in the meantime here’s a video…a sort of “Ok, now it’s YOUR turn” message. We still keep in mostly regular touch, and the next time she’s in town we’re going to try to record a CD’s worth of music – and maybe some video while we’re at it.

Now, here’s the video.


New (to me) talent

March 8, 2008

I was bouncing around YouTube trying to find a version of “Maid Behind the Bar” that wasn’t somebody practicing or playing like a clockwork toy, and came across the pairing of Stephen Dougherty and Zac Leger. Their music is terrific! Zac slides the capo on the bazouki so effortlessly that you hardly hear the transition.

The video that introduced me to them.

Their YouTube channel.

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