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Recording progress

August 3, 2008

Don’t let anyone tell you different: with care, you can record your music without paying money to a studio. This isn’t to say that you should, only that you can, though that line of thinking is a post all by itself.

For my part, I’m recording the cd in my basement. I have good quality mics (as detailed in an earlier post); a reasonably powerful computer; good software; a comfortable space in which to work; and friends with experience willing to help me create the best product possible.

I like my house. It is the only house I can remember living in. It’s about ninety years old, subject to all the aches and pains that such a house is heir to, though for the purposes of this post the one I’m most concerned with is squeaky floors.



In the studio

March 25, 2008

I’m working on a CD, tentatively titled “Walking There”, scheduled for a June/July release.  If you’d like to be notified when it becomes available, please sign up for my mailing list by clicking on (strangely enough) the “Mailing List” link in the sidebar over there >>.

I’ve finally got Jamie Raeburn to a point where there’s a few places that can use some touch-up, but overall it’s good and if push came to shove I could release it as is.  I’m going to try to have Brett Gibson come and lay down an accordion track for it.

Next step is sometime in the next week or so to build a portable sound booth.  The floors in our eighty year old house are just too damn noisy!  I hung some acoustic foam behind my microphones (amazing what you can do with a queen-size, $10 Craig’s List egg crate mattress pad) and even that small – admittedly jerry-rigged – touch made a difference.