Music Samples

Just a convenient place to put a few samples of the music. 🙂

I did some “sketching” tonight. Behind the link is James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes”. The first recording had issues (the lead guitar and vocal were hopelessly overdriven in places), but for a first cut, it made me Very Happy. This latest version will probably go on my CD.


You Can Close Your Eyes

Back in 2005, I was involved in an independent horror film. One of the things I never blogged about was that the director also asked me to score the film.


Thankfully, that movie never saw the light of day, and never will. The music, however, is still mine, and the two sample pieces I did are right here.

The first is the love theme, or the heroine’s theme. Kate’s Theme

The second is the music that happens when, at the climax of the movie, the heroine learns to use her supernatural powers and defeat the villain(s). You can follow the narrative (what there was of it) of the sequence in the music: Kate kneels over the body of her fallen comrade; Kate reaches her decision point and starts killing zombies until there aren’t any left; the villain (one of them, anyway) begins monologuing, with dialog only George Lucas could love. Doug’s Death, Kate’s Denial

As a veteran of renaissance festivals, I grew to hate the song “Wild Mountain Thyme”, a.k.a. “Go, Lassie Go.” Last Huzzahs all over have turned it into a dreadful clasp-hands-and-tearfully-sway funereal dirge.Then I heard James Taylor do it, and after that Dick Gaughan. Made me a believer again.


On a lark, I decided to record it last Sunday. It’s just a sketch, certainly not ready for prime time (I will be recording it again), but I’m damn pleased with it (which for me really says something.) Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Raeburn is one of the first Celtic ballads I ever learned. A sad song about the loss of home, it tells the story of a man sentenced to “transportation”. His crime is never specified in the song, but there is an old story about him being out past curfew, and unable to alibi himself because doing so would betray his best friend’s wife and their affair.


One Comment on “Music Samples”

  1. John Poling Says:

    Goodness! You should have been doing this all along! Wonderful!

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