Personal Music

Well, let’s start with the pieces you asked for. I’m sure they have names, but I couldn’t tell you what they are if my life depended upon remembering. They aren’t perfect, but I know from personal experience that should I try to make them perfect, they’ll never be heard.

Composition 1

Composition 2


Other Music

And, as I mentioned in the email, a few of my own compositions. They’re all “produced”, which is to say that I’m never content to just do piano: I love the layers and richness that other instruments bring (that drives Michelle crazy.)

Back when I was in college, I listened to an artist named John Jarvis, a classically trained pianist from the U.K. who confessed that he never made any money until he switched to synthesizers. He produced three recordings, all on cassette; I discovered him on an album series called “MCA Master Series” that your uncle Chris introduced me to from the radio station.

Back then it was called “New Age Jazz.” Now? I don’t know; I don’t know of any artists doing that kind of keyboard-led work except for John Tesh (sucks) and Chip Davis (Manheim Steamroller – also sucks*).

Osage Homecoming
This is the first piece I ever wrote when I got my keyboard, lo those many years ago, and remains one of my favorites.


Watching The Miles
This was a very early piece I found buried on a cassette tape in a forgotten box. Just a fragment, but I really love the movement of the piano.


Porch Rockin’
Another fragment, experimenting with dramatic transitions from a quiet beginning to a “full” body.


Sketch on an Afternoon
I wrote this one on a Sunday while Katie was still a baby, while she was napping.


Wild Mountain Thyme
As noted in my blog, I’m recording a CD. Here’s a preview 🙂 This is a song that I’m especially proud of because every ren fest performer knows it, and many hate it; yet I had one veteran performer tell me that she didn’t recognize it as the same song, and loved it.


White Hill of Home
This is a song that fell victim to my own need for perfection, and I’m sorry that you had to wait so long to hear it.

This song sat for a long time while I searched for a better arrangement than the angry, minor-key song I played for you in Maryland. One night just noodling on the guitar, the arrangement just fell into place…I’m sure you’ve had that happen.

What came out is an arrangement better suited to the setting of the song – South-Eastern Nebraska. In this version, I’m playing all the instruments – guitar, piano, bass – and singing all the harmonies. I plan to re-record the piece for the CD, using the new mixer and what I’ve since learned about audio mastering.


* I know I’m in the minority here, especially in my family. Chip Davis did some of his early recording right here in KC, in studios down on 31st Street in mid-town. BUT, in my not so humble opinion, Manheim Steamroller’s music has never evolved: heard one you’ve heard ’em all, so to speak.


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